MatchPlay Group and OpenTreatments Foundation Collaborate to Empower Startups in Advancing Objective Pain Measurement

January 23, 2023 | baltimore, MD

MatchPlay, announced today a collaboration with the OpenTreatments Foundation, that aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals experiencing pain. To achieve this, the two organizations are inviting proposals from well-qualified startups to undertake the development or research of a product capable of providing an objective means of measuring pain.

The "Challenge" at the heart of this program revolves around the creation or investigation of a product that can guarantee an objective, dependable, and valid assessment of pain in diverse situations, spanning from acute to chronic pain. The envisioned product should be versatile, capable of being employed in clinical trials and various research endeavors. The MatchPlay Challenge program is a comprehensive offering, encompassing training, mentorship, and support in the realms of product development, business management, and fundraising. Additionally, it presents the prospect of financial assistance, both during the program and in its aftermath.

“We are excited to announce this RFP and look forward to working with startups who share our passion for improving the lives of people who suffer from both chronic and acute pain,” said Mahesh Narayanan, CEO of MatchPlay. “We believe that an objective measurement for pain will help improve the diagnosis and treatment of various pain conditions, and we are committed to supporting research in this area.”

The expected characteristics of the proposed product encompass scalability, user-friendliness for individuals facing communication difficulties, compatibility with both children and those with distinctive anatomical traits, cost-effectiveness, and a design that's easy for users without the need for medical expertise or additional certifications. The primary emphasis is on ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

Proposals will be carefully reviewed based on the startup's prior experience and expertise in creating products for objective pain measurement, their ability to align with the program's requirements in terms of timelines and budget, and the proposed plan for future development and ongoing product support. This evaluation process will help determine which proposals move forward for consideration.

“My non-verbal son would cry for days on end. We had no way of knowing the location or intensity of the pain. Doctors had no tools beyond narcotic pain medications. It is inhumane to let someone suffer in silence with pain.”, said Sanath Kumar Ramesh, CEO of OpenTreatments Foundation. “We are excited to support the startups developing objective pain measurements with the hopes of helping individuals like my son.”

We invite startups who are interested to submit their proposals using the provided link by February 16, 2024. Your proposals should consist of three key components: a cover letter summarizing your startup's experience and expertise in the relevant field, a detailed proposal outlining how your startup plans to achieve the program's objectives, and a proposed plan for the future development and support of the product.

For more information about this RFP, please visit our website.

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About OpenTreatments Foundation:

The OpenTreatments Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing societal challenges that impact patients’ quality of life. We actively support the development and deployment of digital technologies, particularly in situations where conventional market forces fall short. Our current focus is on enhancing the lives of patients with rare and genetic diseases.