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2024 MatchPlay Startup Summit

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The Summit

In Partnership with Oracle Netsuite Accelerator, MatchPlay is excited to announce our inaugural Startup Summit. We invite you to join us in Austin for an exclusive 2-Day in-person Startup Summit on June 24-25, 2024. This event is designed to bring together startups, investors, community-builders, and more to provide face-to-face opportunities.

The Agenda

June 24th, 4 PM - 8 PM: MatchPlay Day
Join 100+ attendees, speakers, and a networking dinner to discuss startups, investment opportunities, and innovation.

4PM: Open networking and startup booths
5:30 PM - Fireside Chat, moderated by Mahesh Narayanan
6:15 PM - Investor Panel, moderated by Abe Kwon
7:00 PM - Networking dinner with fajita buffet (with veggie options)

June 25th, 10 AM -  2 PM: Challenge Day (Accredited Investors Only)
Showcasing hand-picked innovative medical technology startups working on pain measurement solutions.


1. 100+ attendees including C-suite execs, investors, and industry leaders
2. Executive-level keynotes, panels, and presentations across multiple industries in which to uncover hot new investable areas.
3. Access to company showcases
4. An invite to Day 1 Networking Dinner
5. Exclusive invite for Biotech, Medtech and Healthtech investors to Day 2 Challenge Showcase

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  • Pre-Application Deadline - February 9th
  • Full Application Deadline - February 23rd
  • Startup Selection - March 15th
  • Program Launch - April 8th
  • Showcase - Week of June 24th

About MatchPlay

MatchPlay tees up startup founders on their journey towards their entrepreneurial moonshot. Acting as trusted caddies, our team will stand side-by-side with founders to guide them through the challenging fairways of startup success. With transparency and community in mind, our goal is to match founders to the right resources around the world, ensuring they have the perfect swing to drive their startup to new heights.

About Oracle Netsuite Accelerator

NetSuite was founded with a mission to help entrepreneurs unlock business growth. With NetSuite Accelerator, the goal is to help ensure that innovative business minds have even greater access to the processes, best practices, guidance and technology required to achieve the kind of sustainable growth that only comes from having insight and control in their businesses.